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Education Services

The Saratoga Film Academy customizes educational programming for hosting academic institutions at the desired location. We cover a variety of instructional content on specific skill sets, theory, topics, and/or genres to promote media literacy.  All equipment, computers, and technology are provided by SFA. To make an inquiry for your institution send an email to


Workshops are one to three days of base knowledge on any given topic that can range from beginner to advanced skills in writing/development, pre-production, production, or post production.  Prices vary depending on the the amount of hours, amount of equipment, and instructional content involved.


We cover a broad range of topics related to film and media.  We can focus on the technical side of production and cover such disciplines as screenwriting, directing, cinematography, lighting, producing, and editing. We can also focus on theory, where we can offer a deep analysis on filmmakers, their work, techniques, history, and the media as whole.  


Students will complete 3 film projects over the course of 6 weeks. While working in groups of 2-4 students, they will engage in film projects that are designed to encourage visual storytelling development. Students have full creative control. Includes 12 hours of instructional time, all production and computer equipment, and a hired staff. Limited to 15 students.


The twelve week course focuses on the production of short films.  Students will work with a partner to  engage in the four phases of film production, Phase 1 - Writing/Development, Phase 2 - Pre-production, Phase 3 - Production, Phase 4 - Post-Production. Each pair will have one class devoted to the production of their short film. Includes 24 hours of instruction, all production and computer equipment, and a hired staff.


The 24 week course follows the similar structure as the 12 week course, but it is designed to offer a simulated professional filmmaking experience.  Each student will individually write and direct an original short film.  They will have the opportunity to shoot on location off campus and will receive 8-10 hours of production time.  Additionally they will audition and cast actors from the capital district and collaborate with a college film student cinematographers. Includes 84 hours of instruction, all production and computer equipment, coordinated auditions, 2 hired actors for each production, a hired cinematographer, a meal during each of our 7 production days. This course is limited to 7 students.

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